​​It's a Personal Thing:

I understand how we feel about our Well-Being, our weight-management, current fitness level and overall health are very personal points of our lives. So know that in order for me to help make you successful i will be making it personal Too! My hope is through trust and understanding we will take your journey together to discover the powerful person within You!

A Functional Approach:
No matter your fitness level, I believe in training the body From The ground floor up. Starting with a strong core foundation From the inside out can provide Proper Body Alignment
And Form along with the necessary Balance and Flexibility to Achieve greater Strength and Endurance. Giving you the Edge And Confidence to Dive into the pool again. To knowing you Have the ability walk the theme parks while on vacation. Or Simply having the energy to play with your Children or Grand-
Children. It’s the basics that get us through our day!


I welcome you to your first step of the rest of your life! You have come this far so allow me to take you to your potential and help Guide and Coach you to renewed Strength, Focus & Energy. No matter your current Fitness level I will personally work with you to discover and successfully reach your goals. It's a Big first step so let's keep the momentum going to a happier/healthier you!

​We Are All Remarkable Individuals:

Through a series of Q&A we will discover medical background, lifestyle, dietary requirements and past injuries so I can design and shape a personally tailored regimen to help you achieve your maximum health and fitness potential.


At JKOR,LLC our sessions are one-on-one or you can partner up with a

Spouse/Family Member/Friend for a supportive buddy system

Come experience a custom-tailored fitness adventure built specifically to your abilities and desired objective.

Let’s Explore your Potential to Meet and exceed your Goals! 

TRAINER Program Fees:

​​​TRAINER 1 ~ 8 week program/ 16 one hour sessions (first session 1.5hr)/ twice a week - $650
(2 monthly payments of $325 or enjoy a discounted rate and pay $600 up front in full)

TRAINER 2 ~ 8 week program/ 24 half  hour sessions (first session 1hr)/ three times a week - $650
(2 monthly payments of $325 or enjoy a discounted rate and pay $600 up front in full

Any of the above sessions may add a (buddy system) and receive 25% off each individual Client
(2 monthly payments of $243.75 per client or pay up front in full discounted rate of  $450 per client)

TRAINER 3 ~ Single hour session - $50 for individual session or ($37.5 per client with buddy system)

TRAINER 4 ~ Single 1/2 hour session - $35 for individual session or ($26.25 per client with buddy system)

JKOR Life Coaching Clients receive a 10% discount on any Trainer Package

Payments are accepted by cash, check, or credit card.

Personal Training is in the namePERSONAL.

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Comfort is Key:

We are all Unique representations of

our lives experiences. A New Journey

can be scary and intimidating creating fear and making us want to retreat back into our comfort zone.

Making a Choice for Personal Change "is" a Big Step! I will take these new steps with you so I can Safely guide you through the Unknowns with Understanding and Confidence.