1,2 & 3-month Coaching Program- Fee Schedule:

Real change requires significant time of commitment and consistent effort. 
For this reason, the optimum coaching program is a period of three months.
If life circumstances force a client to withdraw during the contracted period, the coaching contract may terminate at that time with a written request within reason.  No further installment payments will be expected, however any payments made, in the spirit of the initial commitment, will not be returned.  Any pre-paid sessions will be honored and available to the client when he or she is able to resume the process.

Due to the knowledge that each coaching situation is unique, the following packages are offered to allow for flexibility and affordability.  Each Package consists of a set number of formal coaching sessions per month, as well as communication via phone or email between sessions as needed.

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     Attaining real, lasting personal health and wellness

    is an unique process of 

Consciousness and Consistency.  

 The answer to your success is specific to you.  

Personal Wellness Coaching aims to unlock those answers through

individualized and/or group coaching sessions that will elicit exploration

and result in action. 

We will awaken deeper awareness (consciousness) and develop action steps that will help you achieve your fitness/health goals long-term (consistency).  

 This process honors every aspect of your life, and is ultimately designed and executed by You-

the Master of your own life 

What does Wellness mean to you?

That picture looks vastly different for each one of us.

As your personalized wellness coach I will partner with you

toward finding your unique "Kor" of personal health and wellness: 

body, mind, and spirit.

Often in life it is easy to lose our direction toward becoming the "Ideal Self" that we all long to be.  Habits, History, Life Experiences, and Self Beliefs can present as roadblocks or detours along the path toward our fitness and health goals.  As your Wellness Coach, I will accompany you on your personal journey of discovering, or re-discovering, the healthiest version of YOU.  

Package A: (Weekly Package): $320/ month- includes of four 45-minute sessions
Package B: $255/ month- includes three 45-minute sessions
Package C: $180/ month- includes two 45-minute sessions
Package D  $125/month- one 60-minute session 

A 10% discount is available when paying for the total 2 month program fee in advance.

A 15% discount is available when paying for the total 3 month program fee in advance.

JKOR Personal Training clients receive additional 10% discount on all coaching services.

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